Merchant # 1 - TheDrinkShop

TheDrinkShopFirst, let's introduce you to TheDrinkShop.Com who have been around since 1999 providing a fabulous range of beers, wine and spirits for any occasion. TheDrinkShop.Com is ideal for alcoholic gifts for family or corporate offerings, all at reasonable prices.

TheDrinkShop's website is the most visited drinks website in the UK, and the 5th most visited for wines (source: imrg.org), with their services being utilised by thousands of individual customers and corporate clients. TheDrinkShop website contains over 3,000 drinks, including some of the industry's brand leaders, plus many exclusive products!


Merchant # 2 - Majestic Wine

Majestic WinesMajestic Wine is the biggest wine retailer in the UK for mixed cases. They currently operate over 160 retail outlets nationally. Customers of Majestic Wines receive FREE delivery on mainland delivery addresses. Over 98% of deliveries are actually carried out by staff from local stores in Majestic Wines own vehicles. Majestic staff has the flexibility to deliver at a time that is convenient to you, including evenings and weekends.

Did you know that any special offer in a Majestic Wines store is also available online? You can also select from a dedicated pre-mixed cases section and you also have a range of other drinks available, including beer, mineral water and soft drinks.

Majestic Wines

Why Buy Alcohol Online?

Buying beers, wines and spirits online has never been more popular. Now with purse strings being tightened even further, it is possibly the best time to make your wine purchases online.

Buying wine online isn't all about lower costs; don't forget the huge range on offer, as well as quality. Supermarkets simply cannot hold the variety on their shelves, compared to some of the online retailers.

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